Teaching Techniques For Teachers (Third Edition)

This book ‘TEACHING TECHNIQUES FOR TEACHERS’ which explores the skills and techniques for an effective teaching. What I sending to your Excellency is the Third Edition. This would help the teachers those who are working in the Matric and English Medium schools in particular and to all the teachers and students at large.

Education is holistic as it permeates the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual faculties, aiming at developing the general qualities in order to fulfil the various needs of individuals and society.  Education is both Science and Art. It is a science in a sense that it entails a systematic, analytical and logical approach to ideas and facts. It is an art because it is immanent, that endowed with the potential of searching. Thus, in education search and re-search are the two sides of the same coin.

Communication is paramount in education. Effective communication skills are really important to teachers in their delivery of pedagogy, classroom management and interaction with the students. Communication is something that doesn’t always happen and at times it has to be fabricated on account of lack of time and resources and language barriers. To some extend modern technology can help improve communication in education.

Teachers need to be highly skilled in all the areas of communication to excel in their profession. Proficient communicators receive information, take cognizance, conceptualize and synthesize it and express themselves at a high level. They make excellent teachers because they are able to transmit knowledge, skills and values at the same time they communicate their caring for the students entrusted to their care. Teachers are successful communicators, if they make conscious efforts to create synergy in search and re-search modes, irrespective of the channel of communication they engage.  Keeping such lines of thinking in mind, this book is written in order to reach out to teachers, students, parents and administrators alike.